All of us at Xtreme Inflatables of Louisiana are praying for the city of Boston. We are praying for the recovery of all the victims. We are praying that law enforcement can work quickly to bring justice to this terrorist, whoever they are. And we are praying for the city as a whole. Over the last few days, I’ve been amazed as I watch the resilient nature of Boston. I’m amazed that, even as bombs were continuing to go off, people were running to help. People who had just finished a marathon continued to run and help.

We are Praying

We are Praying

I know there are many people out there that want to know who did this and why. For me, that doesn’t matter as much as the fact that they did it. Because of someone’s act of terror, we find ourselves in similar shoes. It wasn’t even 6 months ago that we had another tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. Unfortunately, evil exists in the world today.

However, I’m going to choose to focus on the good instead of the evil. You see, terrorists attempt to break down the very soul of our country. What they fail to realize, though, is that their act of terror just helps to make Americans even better. It’s when the world around us is at its worst that we, as Americans, are at our best. Through prayer and good will toward our fellow Americans, we will get through this.

In the mean time, we will continue to pray for Boston!



English: Google Logo officially released on Ma...

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my last blog, and I thought it was high time to get another one out there. This is an amazing video I just ran across, and I can’t believe how far technology has come!

With Google Nose, Google literally has the ability to produce smells that come straight from your computer, as well as detect smells that are coming from your end. It’s a seemingly amazing way to improve the user experience. I know all of us at Xtreme Inflatables of Louisiana are excited about this! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this new device put out by Google.


Can you believe it’s already Valentine’s Day?!? Before you know it, President’s Day will be here! Seriously, time is flying. Amazingly, it’s already time to start thinking about Spring break. Spring marks the time that party rental businesses like Xtreme Inflatables of Louisiana start to get busy. That means that schools will be planning Spring fundraisers, and churches will be planning Spring carnivals. As a result of all the activities going on, our inflatables tend to get rented early. This year, instead of waiting until the last-minute to rent your bounce house or water slide for your birthday party, plan early. Of course, if you’re with a church or a school and planning a special event for your organization, you definitely should start the planning process now (if you haven’t already done so). We have a great selection of party rentals, but this time of year, they tend to go. Make sure we have what you’re looking for by planning early.

Raspberry Rockets

Raspberry Rockets

That’s enough housekeeping. Now, all there is left to do is enjoy this LOVELY day. Here’s a simple recipe that you can share with your loved ones this evening. It’s simply delicious!

Raspberry Rockets
by Cindy

20 raspberries
20 white chocolate chips

Wash the raspberries by holding them under gently running water or submerging in a bowl of water and agitating gently. Allow the raspberries to air-dry by simply putting them on a towel. Once dry, insert one chip into each berry with flat side of the chip facing you. Serve.

I told you it was simple. Simple, yet sweet, a little tart, and absolutely wonderful! From all of us at Xtreme Inflatables of Louisiana, Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you have a day filled with love, joy, and laughter!


Wow. What an amazing year 2012 was! Thank you for making 2012 such a tremendous year! We had one of the best years on record, and we couldn’t have done it without loyal support from great people like you! We continued our growth in Louisiana. In addition to Hammond, we are now serving more surrounding areas and providing great party rentals in Madisonville, Albany, Robert, Covington, and more. We are excited to break into these new markets and see what our future has in store for us in 2013.

Water Slide

Xtreme Inflatables of Louisiana Water Slide

2013 promises to bring many exciting changes. If you’ve rented with us in the past, you know we take customer service xtremely seriously. In 2013, it’s our goal to provide you with such great customer service that you won’t want to shop elsewhere. In addition to providing the industry’s best customer service, we also plan on continuing our steady growth.  In order to stay relevant, we know that we need to continue to provide the industry’s leading party rental equipment. Technology changes. Old bounce houses eventually look, well, old. Soon, new inventory will be flowing in for the busy 2013 season. Our goal is to keep you happy and coming back year after year!

Again, thank you for helping to make 2012 such a success for Xtreme Inflatables of Louisiana. W We look forward to serving you in the near future. Of course, if you’re not in or around Hammond, check out our website for links to other great party rental companies spread out across the country. We want you to enjoy your party no matter where you are! Happy New Year!

January 3, 1863 cover of Harper's Weekly, one ...

January 3, 1863 cover of Harper’s Weekly, one of the first depictions of Santa Claus. Notice, he doesn’t look much like Santa today! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, an interesting question was posed: When did Santa as we know him become the Jolly Old Fellow that we know and love today? I honestly didn’t know the answer. After hours of researching the question, it turns out, I may have been better off not knowing. But, since I now know, I thought it best to share this with you. After all, what good would tons of useless information be if I didn’t have someone to share it with.

In short, Santa didn’t come from one source, but has been pieced together by an assortment of stories. St. Nicholas was born around 270 A.D., and became a bishop as a young man. As you may well know, he dedicated his life to helping the young and needy. He famously paid for the dowries of young girls, saving them from being sold into a life of slavery (or worse). He was also known for leaving coins in the shoes of children. He was often depicted as wearing a red bishop’s robe. After his death, legend of his kindness and generosity grew, and he was canonized as the patron saint of children. For hundreds of years, feasts were held in his honor on the date of his death, December 6. During that time, small gifts were given to children.

During the Protestant Reformation, the Dutch began referring to St. Nicholas as Sinterklaas (a nickname which is short for St. Nicholas). The name stuck and eventually made its way to America. The first mention of Santa Claus in American society took place in 1773 in a New York City newspaper. During the early versions of the story, Santa Claus would come by horseback and bring gifts to deserving children on December 5.

In 1809, Santa was described as being portly, and his shape began to take place. It wasn’t until 1823 that Santa became known as the person that we know him today. Clement Clarke Moore wrote The Night Before Christmas. It was in this poem that Moore described many attributes of Santa that we know today. Santa was described as a giant elf that goes from house to house on a magical sleigh driven by 8 reindeer. He also was depicted as sliding down chimneys.

After the legend was created, it was several years before the current American version of Santa took place. An illustrator for Harper’s Magazine first depicted Santa very much as the person that we know today in 1881. However, it wasn’t until 1931 that Coca Cola introduced its marketing campaign that depicts Santa as the person that is now known throughout the world.

While there are still countries that celebrate the arrival of Santa on December 5 (the eve of his death), Americans have always celebrated the visiting of Santa on Christmas Eve (December 24).

As his legend grew, children understandably began wondering where he lived when he wasn’t delivering presents. So, he has been said to live at the North Pole with his magic reindeer (9 including Rudolph, but only 8 originally known) and magic elves that help him crank out the gifts for all the good children of the world.

So, now you know. Next time your child asks you “tell me about Santa”, you can look them in the eyes and honestly tell them “Dear, it’s way too confusing a story, and I’m not sure you really want to know.”

Of course, if you’re planning a Christmas party in or around Hammond, Louisiana, let Xtreme Inflatables of Louisiana bring the gift of joy by delivering a great bounce house. Merry Christmas!

I can’t believe it’s here already. Before you know it, we’ll all be counting down the New Year. But, first things first. I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I’m so very grateful to be surrounded by such great family, friends, and customers. It’s because of all of you that I’ve been fortunate to have one of the busiest years of my career. Thank you for your support of Xtreme Inflatables.

Also, thank you to everyone that is either currently serving in the military, or has served in the past. It’s because of people like you that I can continue to enjoy the freedoms that we all too often take for granted. Thank you.

Sheening Happy Thanksgiving Graphic | Thanksgiving | Forward this Picture

I’ve been hearing a lot about Black Friday this, and Christmas that, but my hope for you is that you’re able to have a relaxing day with those that mean the most to you. Surround yourself with great friends and family, and enjoy a great meal with one another. Happy Thanksgiving!

Justice League Bounce House

The Justice League bounce house is one of many great products Xtreme Inflatables rents that was manufactured in the US.

Like many other industries in this world, the inflatable rental industry has sold out to China. At least, a large part of the industry has. But, there are a few companies that have decided to stay in the country and provide their customers with superior inflatables. In reality, the move to manufacture in China has actually had somewhat of a positive affect on the industry. Just a few years ago, inflatables were almost three times the prices found today. That means that although it’s still more expensive to buy units manufactured in the United States, it’s at least somewhat affordable. Xtreme Inflatables of Louisiana is committed to providing our customers with the best rental experience possible. As a result, we only buy bounce houses and water slides that were manufactured right here in this country. Why? Great question. There are two main reasons that I choose to keep it local:

  1. As a small business owner, I have a newfound appreciation for supporting local companies. Producing products in America is more expensive, but necessary for our continued growth. Choosing to buy products made in America help keep Americans employed. It may sound cheesy, but that’s important to us.
  2. In addition to helping the US economy, there are also practical reasons that I choose to buy jumps made in the US. Our products are superior. Although China has improved the quality of their manufacturing, nothing beats US manufactured inflatables. Manufactures that have continued to keep their business in the country are committed to providing their customers (my company) with top quality equipment. That means everything from the quality of the vinyl to the sturdiness of the stitching is of a higher quality.

So, what does all this mean for you, the customer?

  1. When you rent from Xtreme Inflatables of Louisiana, you’re helping to support a great local company, which in turn, helps to support US growth. Way to help keep the country running smoothly!
  2. Because we are committed to renting top-quality products, you’ll see and feel the difference.
  3. You’ll see the quality in the design.
  4. You’ll feel the quality of the vinyl
  5. You can also feel safe knowing that your children will be bouncing on sliding on the industry’s standard for quality.

At Xtreme Inflatables of Louisiana, we’re committed to providing all of our guests with the best party experience possible. We proudly shop in the US and pass the quality onto you, our customers! Happy partying!

Did you know that there are an estimated 10,000 inflatable party rental companies in the US alone? Is that amazing or what?!? That means, as a business in this niche industry, we’re competing with an average of 199 other companies in Louisiana on a daily basis! So why am I not worried about it?

Xtreme Inflatables Disney Princess Bounce House

The Disney Princess Bounce House Is One Of Many Licensed Bounce Houses Ready For Rent By Xtreme Inflatables

The vast majority of the other companies in this industry don’t take their business seriously. They have a full-time job, and look for an easy way to make a couple hundred dollars on the weekend. So they buy a couple of bounce houses, offer terrible customer service, and leave their customers with a bitter taste in their mouth. That’s where we come in. Xtreme Inflatables of Louisiana is dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind party experience. We take this job seriously. We are committed to providing full-time party entertainment.

Xtreme inflatables is committed to providing the best customer service around. A large percentage of our new business comes from referrals from people who were happy with our service in the past!

We have one the largest selection of inflatable bounce houses and water slides in our area! Whether you’re looking for a bounce house, combo unit, water slide, or even an obstacle course for rent, we’ve got it. We have everything that you need to make your part a success. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, graduation party, church festival, school carnival, or any other type of special event, we’ve got you covered! We’re proud to serve, Hammond, Ponchatoula, Madisonville, Mandeville, Covington, and other surrounding areas.

Our state-of-the-art online reservation system makes ordering online easy! Want to do your shopping without having to talk with anyone? Our system will quickly and easily walk you through the ordering process, and complete the order online. You can feel confident knowing that you will receive your order on time every time. Of course, we’re always around to answer your questions too!

So, if you’re planning a special event in Louisiana, what are you waiting for? Give Xtreme Inflatables a call and let us help make your party a success. We look forward to serving you!

Thank You For Your Sacrifice

It being the 11th Anniversary of 9/11/01, it seemed like a fitting day to start something new. The cowards of 9/11 that killed over 3,000 innocent victims sought to bring our country to a halt. They succeeded for a short time. People stopped buying, and the economy took a dip. However, the terrorists don’t understand how resilient Americans are. I’m extremely thankful for the sacrifices made by our military men and women, fire fighters, and police officers. I fully understand that without you, Xtreme Inflatables could not be doing what it’s doing.

Thank you for your sacrifice.